Then I was watching a reality show a while ago, and I’ve realized that

Winning is not only for the poor nor for the rich, but for everyone who deserves it.

We are all winners in our own struggles and as long as we are fighting and living we will never lose. Failing is not losing it’s merely a part of the battle.

The world is too round to be one sided, don’t you think?

and I can’t sleep.

Anonymous asked: Is Joy Division your favorite band? I saw you wearing a shirt and you also have a mug. :)

Joy Division is one of my favorite band. I was influenced by my boyf.

Anonymous asked: How many hours do you actually finish an artwork? :)

Depending on the size of the artwork. Six months for a solo show.

Anonymous asked: tagal nio na ng boyf mo.... ayaw niyo pa pakasal?

As of now, hindi. hindi rin praktikal magpakasal nor to have a family. I have a lot of issues on having a family. hahaha! im not a wife material. yikes!